Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lafayette, Louisiana

Recovery comments from participants in the Peer Support Outreach Training in Lafayette, Louisiana in May 2007. Also a short intro about the Faces of Recovery project.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MY! MY! MY! Not only do we have a face to the name; but "Faces of Recovery!" with Pics mind you!

So happy to see that evacuees from Hurricane Katrina & Rita have a Blog! More important is that we, who are in the 'trenches' or those who walk in our shoes are trained to perform tasks, duties, services, which were originally performed by mental health professionals! Yes, WE are the new breed, we are the ones who are able to 'reach~out" to our peers with the training received from the LaCork National Council and Meaningful Minds of Louisiana, a statewide mental health consumer advocacy organization to provide much needed support and services to those who have mental health issues. Yes, this includes not only persons with diagnoses, but those first responders, and for the msot part all of the persons and citizens of Lousiana who have been affected by Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, from New Orleans to Lake Charles and all points in~between and farther North (all areas of Lousiana including evacuees all over North America).

We have much for which to be thankful! Dr.Dan Fisher from Cambridge, Massuchuests of the National Empowerment Center, former Georgia Peer Specialist Program Director/Trainer Beth Filson, now consultant entrepreneur.

Not only can we Recover from our mental health issues or illness or disease or whatever one wants to define or term it, we have proven ourselves as peer specialists. We have dedicated our lives to recovery. Without recovery there is no hope. So I say each of you we not only can recover from it, we DO recover.

I wish to thank each and all of you that have participated in this peer specialist training and the many ones we have had before, in Lafayette, LA; in Baton Rouge, LA, and New Orleans (Jefferson Parish/County). We must be the torch bearers, we must be the pioneers for those yet to walk in our shoes (that Extra Mile)! We will leave our mark on society, we will leave our legacy for our children, our grandchildren, for our peers, for all members of society.

We ask that the mental health system take heed of this new direction, this may be our only chance to transform the mental health system in Lousiana and to be a forbearer of change (role model) in the entire USA, naye, internationally!

My friends, my peers, we must be the 'points of light' spoken by a former US President, George Bush; we must be the 'guiding light' for future generations. We can and will make a difference in the way persons are treated for mental 'problems' and the stigma for mental illness which is further propagated by even those who provide the services for its treatment, some mental health professionals.

Your friend your colleague,

Daily Dupre', Jr./ Meaningful Minds of Louisiana board of director member/National & State Mental Health Advocate/Certified Peer Specialist/Peer Specialist Expert/BA, Psychology/

June 1, 2007 at 1:17 AM  
Blogger some chick said...

Congrats on this project and I will say a special prayer for each of you today.

June 7, 2007 at 11:09 AM  

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